Aluminum Sheet Metal

In addition to Grob, Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. represents Muller, another Swiss machine tool company that provides turnkey systems to knurl, assemble, cold roll, and test aluminum components for the thermal window and door industry. Muller creates machines that enable window and door makers to shape aluminum sheet metal with efficiency and flexibility, using machines that are up to any task.

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Cold Forming Machinery

More specifically, Muller creates machines used to insulate aluminum profiles according to nearly any requirements. These machines are of modular construction, and are equipped with various options to provide maximum flexibility for individual requirements. In addition, machine components from Spieth can be ordered from Muller directly.

For more information about sheet metal bending as it relates to your specific application, please contact a member of the Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. team. A member of the CMS team will be happy to speak with you, and to help you find a process that works well according to you and/or your business’s individual needs – whether they involve aluminum sheet metal insulation or something entirely different. Visit the Contact Us page today.