Forming of Sheet Metal

Sheet metal is used in an enormous number of everyday applications – ranging in thickness from foil or leaf to plate (0.25 in). The forming of sheet metal is different for each kind of sheet metal and may differ even more depending on the end use of the sheet metal. Sheet metal forming processes include deep drawing, cutting, perforating, spinning, press brake forming, roll forming, rolling, stamping, bending, ironing, wheeling, incremental sheet forming, decambering and more. Some of the aforementioned processes are hot forming processes, while others are cold, like the process used by Grob.

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Sheet Metal Forming Processes

Deep drawing is most often used for automotive fuel tanks, kitchen sinks, 2-piece aluminum cans, and other products that require similar metal thicknesses. It is done in multiple steps in which special material is rolled through at steel mill in both directions. The steps are called draw reductions.

Cutting is a metal forming process that can be done using numerous methods ranging from the use of hand tools called tin ships to large-scale precision cutting that utilizes computers and laser cutters (CNC machines).

One of the more common sheet metal forming processes for bending is press brake forming. It is used for long and thin sheet metal parts and involves a press brake with a die (V-shaped groove) and punch that pushes the metal into the V-shaped groove, causing the metal to bend.

Grob’s sheet metal forming processes are used, primarily, for cold forming splines, which are used in the automotive transmission business. Grob utilizes the cold forming of sheet metal to make these sheet metal components, and nearly every major automatic transmission producer worldwide utilizes the Grob processes for splines on transmission clutch components.

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