Transmission Shafts

Rotary shafts – elongated, rod-shaped devices that transmit torque as they rotate about a longitudinal axis
Linear shafts – elongated, rod-shaped devices similar to rotary shafts, but that provide linear or rotary motion for power transmission applications
Flexible shafts – devices that provide rotary power transmission along a curved or adjustable axis

Transmission shafts are made using cold forming machines, which are housed by numerous automobile manufacturers, and created by suppliers like Grob. Grob supplies a number of automotive companies including Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, and GM.

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Cold Forming Equipment for Transmissions

If you’re looking for cold forming equipment for automatic transmissions, Grob has two separate processes to form splines in both solid bar stock and sheet metal cylinders, the latter being a common application in the automotive industry. The Grob process is very accurate as well as repeatable, due in part to Swiss precision engineering, but what makes Grob truly different is the flexibility inherent in the Grob process.

Unlike the majority of cold forming equipment, Grob’s equipment is most economical in volumes of 500-1000 orders per day. For automobile manufacturers, that flexibility to produce lower volumes of parts (including transmission shafts) is critically important, especially in today’s ever-changing economy.

Also important are investment costs, and when working with Grob, they are significantly lower. While the average press capital investment is approximately $10-#12M with $1-1.5M for tooling each part, a capital investment in Grob equipment is $1.5M with $50,000 in tooling.

For more information, contact Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. Caledonian Midwest (or CMS) represents both Grob and Swiss machine tool builder Muller, and seeks to provide a top-of-the-line customer experience matching that of both Grob and Muller’s products. Whether you’re looking for transmission shafts or turnkey systems for aluminum components for thermal windows and doors, contact Caledonian Midwest Sales using the information on the Contact Us page.

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