Spline Rolling Machine Information

A spline, in mathematics, is a special mathematical function defined by polynomials. In the computer science field, as well as computer graphics, the term refers to a specific form. The spline form is a polynomial curve popular in graphics because of its simplicity. In the shipbuilding industry, it refers to a device used to draw smooth shapes.

In the manufacturing industry, however, a spline refers to something different.

Spline rolling is a process used in a number of applications, including the production of transmission shafts, truck brake systems, pump shafts, long steering splines, off-road vehicle composition, hollow splines, agriculture equipment, steering shafts, automotive drive trains, differential case shafts, drive shafts, washer shafts, air compressor shafts, motorcycle shafts and more. Spline rolling machines (something you may be looking for now) are used in the spline rolling process, and play a critical role in the creation of the above parts.

If you are, indeed, looking for a spline rolling machine, look no further than the CMS-Grob website.

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Roll Forming Machines and CNC Machines

At CMS-Grob.com, you’ll find the spline rolling machine you’re looking for as well as a variety of CNC machines to trim, slot, and hole-punch splined clutches. If you’re looking for roll forming machines, a CMS-Grob representative can help you find one of those as well.

The CMS-Grob website is the home of Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc., the sales team representing Swiss machine tool builders, Grob and Muller. Both Grob and Muller are in the business of cold forming technology, and as they are leaders in their field, so is Caledonian Midwest. With a focus on the customer experience, Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. has been providing outstanding cold forming and spline rolling machine sales and service since 1983 – making the process of purchasing Swiss machine tools seamless despite the distance.

For additional spline form information, or to discuss your specific needs for roll forming machines, please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with a Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. representative.

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