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A slotting machine is a cold metal forming machine used for slotting and shaping, and for the creation of grooves, T-slots, dovetails, and curved surfaces. Slotting machines operate using a mounted cutting tool in conjunction with a movable table that moves metal back and forth to create the different shapes mentioned above, and CNC slotting machines receive the design directly from a computer, as opposed to using a plug.

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Grob is a Swiss machine tool company specializing in the cold forming of splines in bar stock and sheet metal, but in the recent years Grob has expanded to produce a new range of flexible CNC machines to slot, trim, and hole-punch splined clutches. If you’re looking for a slotting machine, the Grob process is worth your careful consideration.

While there are many applications that use slotting machines, Grob’s CNC slotting machines are used most commonly in the automotive industry. As volumes go down, many cold forming machines are no longer economical, but that is what makes Grob different.

The Grob process is most economical in the volume range of 500-1000 orders per day. Grob machinery can be changed over quickly to make different parts, does not involve long down times between tool changes, and is priced well under much of the competition. The press tooling for a number of machines, for example, is often as expensive as a complete Grob machine, and the average capital investment for many machines ranges from $10-12M, while the Grob process involves a capital investment of about $1.5M.

In addition to flexibility and economy, Grob machines feature Swiss precision engineering for accuracy and repeatability.

For additional information, continue browsing the CMS-Grob website, home of Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc., a Michigan-based tool sales and service organization representing Grob and their Swiss machine tool partner, Muller. To speak with a representative about your specific needs, see the Contact Us page.

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