Rolling Machine Manufacturers

Rolling machine manufacturers are numerous, and the selection process can, on occasion, be a bit daunting. The most important thing to consider when selecting a rolling machine manufacturer, however, is your business and your specific set of needs.

An example of one of those needs is accuracy. With all machine tools, accuracy is a must-have as mistakes are costly of both materials and time. Another example of a fairly typical need is repeatability. Because time is costly, it is important for many businesses to repeat processes quickly, maximizing output and minimizing time costs.

While accuracy and repeatability are two needs typical of most businesses, another important need (and one that varies across businesses) is economy across order volumes. Some rolling machine manufacturers make machines that are most economical operating within a certain order/day volume, and if that range is not where your business’s order volumes fall, you may be wasting money and should likely switch to a different rolling machine.

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Grob Machines

Grob is a Swiss machine tool manufacturing company featuring Swiss precision-engineered tools, and flexibility in production – a major factor for lower volume production. In today’s ever-changing economy, it is important to find a rolling machine (or any variety of machine) that is still economical when producing in the 500-1000 order/day range, and that is exactly what Grob’s machines offer the businesses that use them.

When considering a rolling machine manufacturer, take into account Grob’s ability to be changed over quickly for different parts and shorter down times between tool changes. In addition, Grob machines are, by comparison, very low in cost. Where the average capital investment is approximately $1-$12 million and $1-$1.5 million for tooling, Grob machines have a capital investment of around $1.5 million and tooling around $50,000.

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