Grob and Muller Metal Forming Machinery

Grob and Muller are two different Swiss companies in the business of cold forming technology. Each company utilizes the latest CNC technologies, Swiss precision engineering, and Swiss construction to remain at the forefront of their respective fields, and each company exports its products worldwide to a variety of end users. To find the metal forming machinery you’re looking for, continue reading to learn what each company has to offer.

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Grob develops, designs, and manufactures splines in solid bar stock for shafts with splines, as well as sheet metal cylinders for clutches. The Grob process is very accurate, repeatable, and flexible, and as volumes go down, the Grob process becomes increasingly efficient. Using metal forming machines from Grob, the average investment is $1.5M in capital and $50K in tooling, compared to the $10-12M capital investment and $1-1.5M for tooling typical of other companies and processes.


Muller specializes in turnkey solutions to knurl, assemble, cold roll, and test aluminum components for the thermal window and door industries. Muller metal forming machines produce equipment that inserts and fastens into extruded aluminum frames, and they are one of only three European metal forming machinery companies to produce that kind of equipment.

Additional Information

For more information, continue browsing the CMS-Grob website. is home to Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc., a Michigan-based machine tool sales and service organization representing several Swiss machine tool companies, including Grob and Muller.

Caledonian Midwest Sales seeks to provide customers with improved communication, installation, field service, parts, and tooling supplies and to eliminate the communication problems and risks of purchasing machine tools built overseas. Swiss, precision engineered metal forming machines are top-of-the-line, and Caledonian Midwest Sales is focused on a creating a customer experience to match.
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