Metal Forming Equipment

Metal forming equipment comes in two different types of machines: hot forming machines and cold forming machines.

Hot forming machines, as indicated by their title, form metal that has been preheated. There are a variety of hot forming machines in existence today, including hot stamping machines, hot wire machines, hot foil stamping machines, hot press machines, and more. Performing functions like drawing out sections of bar stock, reducing diameter and increasing length, increasing diameter and reducing length, and squeezing metal into thin foils, hot forming machines are very useful for drastically altering the shape of metals without causing them to rupture, but for working processes that are carried out at room temperature, cold metal forming equipment is the best choice.

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Cold forming machines form metal that is not cold, necessarily, but at room temperature – metal that hasn’t been preheated. Examples of cold forming machines include cold heading machines, spline forming machines, and sheet metal forming machines. Used for “cold” working processes, common applications include the manufacture of splines in bar stock and splines on solid shafts for automatic transmissions.

It a common perception that cold forming machines are not economical for less than 10,000 feet of product per day, but Grob is working hard to change that perception. Grob, a Swiss machine tool company, has created a process that is accurate, repeatable, and flexible. More specifically, the Grob process is more economical as volumes go down. Grob cold forming machines can be changed over quickly to make different parts, eliminating down times, and it is most effective in the 500-1000 order/day range.

For more information about metal forming equipment or the Grob process, continue browsing the CMS-Grob website.

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