A Muller Cold Rolling Machine

Hermann Muller AG is a Swiss machine tools company specializing in the manufacture of machines for the window industry. Since its founding over 30 years ago, Muller has become the market leader in its specific sector, and provides top-of-the-line machines and systems for the following applications:

  • Knurling (of composite areas)
  • Profile assembly including joining profiles (mainly aluminum to plastic)
  • Curling (joining the profiles and adjusting for straightness)
  • Rigidity testing (testing and checking finished profiles)

If you’re looking for a cold rolling machine, consider one from Muller. Muller’s machines are of modular construction, meaning they can be equipped with a variety of options per individual requirements. So, whether you’re cold forming aluminum profiles for windows, facades, and doors, or another application that utilizes the same process (or a similar one), your Muller cold rolling machine can be optioned to meet your needs.

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Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc.

CMS-Grob.com is the home of not only Hermann Muller AG, but of Ernst Grob AG (informally called Grob) and Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. represents the two Swiss machine tool builders just mentioned, and as both Muller and Grob utilize Swiss precision engineering and construction to remain at the forefront of their respective fields, the Caledonian Midwest Sales Team works hard to remain at the forefront of their own.

Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. seeks to provide the best customer experience possible for businesses and organizations looking to purchase a cold rolling machine for cold forming aluminum or a CNC cold forming machine for cold forming splines.

For additional information, continue browsing the CMS-Grob website. To discuss your specific application, or to begin talks for the implementation of Muller or Grob cold forming equipment, see the Contact Us page and utilize the information there to contact a Caledonian Midwest representative.

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