Cold Forming Machine Featuring Swiss Engineering

Swiss engineering – it’s a claim to quality made by a number of manufacturers across a number of industries, as well as legacy responsible for many U.S. innovations. From Movado watches and Monteverdi automobiles to New York’s George Washington Bridge and Boston’s Bunker Hill bridge, Swiss engineering is ever-popular, and there are plenty of reasons why.

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Swiss engineering began in the textile industry, where Swiss engineers developed spinning and weaving machines for use in the early 19th century. Swiss engineering is characterized by its precision, and since its advent in the early 19th century, mechanical and electrical engineering has become Switzerland’s largest industry, due to the size of the workforce and the value of Swiss engineered exports. Switzerland’s mechanical and electrical engineering industries cover metallurgy, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction, electrical engineering and electronics, and precision instruments, which today includes household goods, machine tools like cold forming machinery, constructions plants, and highly specialized microelectronic apparatuses.

It is no surprise then, that a Swiss engineered cold forming machine is a highly valued piece of mechanical equipment. Swiss machine tool builders like Grob provide machinery to nearly every major automaker for their automatic transmissions, including Toyota, Ford, GM, Mercedes, BMW, and more. The cold forming machinery produced by companies like Grob is extremely accurate, with repeatable processes, and Grob has still more advantages over many of the rest.

The Grob Process

In addition to precision Swiss engineering, which yields accuracy and repeatability, the Grob process has the extra advantage of increased flexibility and economical operation in low volumes. In fact, the Grob cold forming machine and process is most economical in the 500-1000 order/day range, providing carmakers and other companies with the flexibility they need in an ever-changing world economy.

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