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Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. represents two Swiss machine tool builders in the business of cold forming technology. Each company exports their products worldwide and use the latest CNC technologies, together with Swiss precision engineering and construction to remain in the forefront of their respective fields.

Cold Forming Equipment: Grob and Muller

Welcome to, the home of Grob, Muller, and Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. At, you’ll find information on both cold forming machinery companies, as well as the sales team that represents them. Browse for contact information and get in touch with a sales representative to discuss your specific needs today.

Metal Forming Machinery

If you’re looking for metal forming equipment, Grob and Muller specialize in the latest CNC technologies and in cold forming splines from bar stock and sheet metal or turnkey systems for thermal window and door components, respectively. The Grob process features accuracy, repeatability, and most significantly, flexibility in production, while the Muller systems feature the newest of evolving control technologies. Both feature Swiss precision engineering, and it is the job of the Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. team to bridge the gap, making the process of purchasing and implementing both Grob and Muller systems as simple as possible.

For additional information, please continue browsing the CMS-Grob website. The website contains links to the official websites of both Grob and Muller, where you can learn more about their products and services. In addition, you’ll find a selection of articles with a variety of related information to help you make an educated decision regarding the purchase of your cold forming machine and much more.

Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc.

Just as Grob and Muller work hard to remain at the forefront of their respective industries, Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc. works hard to provide the best customer experience possible. Whether you’re interested in a spline rolling machine or the latest CNC sheet metal forming machine, a representative from Caledonian Midwest Sales, Inc., can provide you with the information you need.

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